Behind the Name


Throughout the scriptures, God directs His children to setup “Stones of Remembrance” so that future generations will see, touch and remember what it is that God has done.

The most well known occurrence of such a pile of rock is after the Israelites finally cross over the Jordan River on their way to Jericho. That generation learned first hand the results of generational sin–the 40 years of wanderings (Numbers 32:13) but also learned first hand how God provides–those same 40 years without the wearing out of their clothes or sandals (Deuteronomy 29:5). 40 years of judgment and grace, commemorated with 12 stones from the midst of the river.

God had given them the land, and promised them that He would go before them and drive out the Canaanites, but they had yet to conquer it–that was the task at hand. Yet, notice that Joshua sets up the stones BEFORE the campaign. Partly out of faith (when future generations ask…), partly out of public testimony (so that all will remember…), and completely out of obedience (The LORD told Joshua…).

Many of us homeschool dads are looking into the Land of Biblical fatherhood and familial husbandry, knowing that there are many battles ahead, as we attempt by God’s strength to vanquish the enemies who desire to harm our wives and families. But I am convinced that it IS the promised land, and I am challenged by God’s testimony through Joshua that I must take a moment to build a monument for the generations to come to know how God has worked.

It is my hope that my life, this blog and the projects God brings my way, will be exactly that, a testimony to God’s faithfulness and an “Ebenim” of His work in our lives and through the generations who have gone before, so that the generations to come will ask, “What do these stones mean?”


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5 03 2008
theMangoTimes » yippee for you

[…] find it hard to believe it has been a year. over at ebenim, paul has shared the importance of remembrances and how they serve as reminders of God’s grace in our lives. instead of stones, i tend to do […]

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