Falling Seven Times…

28 01 2009

If I were to go back through all the blog posts I’ve written since I began blogging, one theme emerges…a promise that I’ll blog more faithfully. Which I might do for a few days, then I get hit with life again and forget all about it for a while…ok, more than a while…more like months.

At this point, I don’t expect there are many faithful readers beyond my family, but I am grateful for you.  Thanks for checking in.

By the way, in case you are just dropping by for the first time, I am faithfully keeping a production blog of all the radio pieces I am doing for Moody Radio, so if it gets too dull over here, you can always catch me over there.

From Proverbs 24:16

For a righteous man may fall seven times 
      And rise again, 
      But the wicked shall fall by calamity. 




2 responses

29 01 2009

Yes, son, I do faithfully check this blog AND the production blog. I understand that life just grabs control and priorities DO keep us from some things. Even better than reading your blog is when we get to visit audibly. I love you and I am proud of the man of God that you are.

31 01 2009

Don’t worry I am still here as well

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